Oyster Run 2007
Anacortes WA

Trip Date: 9/23/2007


  • Mukilteo/Clinton  Ferry Ride
  • Whidbey Island
  • Deception Pass
  • Anacortes
  • Food
  • Music
  • Vendors
  • Allot of bikes!


  • Allot of riders

  • Beer Garden's

Oyster Run 2007 Ride Video

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Trip Details:

There are some rides that we wait for, in anticipation, for great extended periods in time to ride. In the state of Washington, mountain pass closures make it impossible to make some of the rides during the winter months. For these rides, we wait until spring and snow to  melt to ride. One Washington ride we wait for fall to ride. Not because of weather conditions but because the 3rd week of September we ride the Anacortes Oyster Run. This all started long ago with a hand full of riders who decided at the end of each summer to ride to the California Tavern in Marysville WA to eat Oysters. The Organizer was a fellow named Limp Lee. Other riders joined the ride over the next few years. It wasn't long and there were too many riders for a for an organized ride. It was at this point Limp Lee talked to the city of  Anacortes and they decided to sanction the event. There was some concern at first by locals at first but after the first one any concerns were set aside. The Oyster Run event has been nothing but a positive (money maker) for the town of Anacortes. Word is this years run brought over 20,000 motorcycle and their riders into town. Some folks show up Friday and Saturday to get an early start on enjoying the town and festivities. Myself, I rode in early Sunday morning. If you want more information and detail please visit the official Oyster Run website.

The prior year (2006) was a great ride. I left early around 7:30 AM in route to the Mukilteo/Clinton ferry. When I arrived I was #6 inline and shortly after there were over 120 bikes behind me. I stuck to the same plan and was surprised to arrive behind 150+ bikes.Road-Quest.com WA motorcycle rides roads destinations ride video Oyster Run 2007 Anacortes Washington Something to be aware of is that this route is considered the preferred route for avoiding the "Heard".  The weather was a thin layer of fog with areas of drizzle. The initial ride up I-5 was as usual, boring. All this changed once we exited I-5 and headed towards the ferry. Once we arrived and paid the round trip fee, all was well. It wasn't long we were boarding the ferry. I was amazed that all the bikes got on the ferry. This is another bonus to taking this route. Motorcycles get on the WA ferries first and then cars. Actually in this case due to the amount of bikes, they put bikes on, then some cars followed by more bikes and cars. The intent, I'm sure, was to balance the weight. The ride across was brief. Once on the other side, the sound of all the bikes starting, sounded like continuous thunder. Harley Davidson and Vance & Hines had allot to do with this.  If I didn't have a tach, I wouldn't have known my Goldwing was running.

Once the ferry staff gave us the go to exit the ferry, We began the highlight of the trip. As we departed the ferry landing, we took our  place in the ride order behind many other riders. The next 30 miles took us up the middle of Whidbey Island on hwy 525 which becomes hwy 20. It was pretty amazing every time we would crest a hill, you could see a chain of riders leading far ahead. So far I have not found this event to be over crowded on the roads. In fact, as a riders who does most my riding in small numbers or solo, it was quite enjoyable. At the end of the first 30 miles of Whidbey, we turned of onto Liberty Rd. This little detour took us down to Beach Rd. where we enjoyed a nice ride along the NW side of  Whidbey. This is a great place to stop for break as there is an area where you literally are parked near a cliff over looking the beach and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  Another 11.6 miles and we were back on hwy 20 heading another 7 miles to Deception Pass. If your into frequent stops to take in the scenery and grab  some digital photo's, this would be once stop not to miss. In our case we planned on stopping on the return ride. Once across Deception Pass we turned of hwy 20 on to Rosario Rd.. This is where the number of bikes yet again decreases as allot of folks choose to continue on hwy 20. Rosario took us approximately 3 miles where we turned onto Marine Dr. And then right on to Havekost Rd. turns into 37th and then D Ave and it does so quickly. D Ave. took us to 12th where we turned right and headed into Anacortes. The event leads down the main street called Commercial Ave. It is here we merged into the other bikers that came up hwy 20. And there were allot of them! We took our place in the parade of bikes and made our way into the heart of the event. I was very surprised at how well the event was managed. There were ample volunteers directing traffic for both pedestrians and vehicles. Finding a parking place wasn't too bad but I could see later on in the day it was a hunt.

With our butts out of the saddle and feet on the ground we were immediately welcomed by other riders and began making our way Road-Quest.com WA motorcycle rides roads destinations ride video Oyster Run 2007 Anacortes Washingtonaround the event. Yes, there are Oyster for the eating but I chose to eat a burger instead. There were plenty of food options and I wished I would have gone for the BBQ.  I know one thing, I have never seen so many bikes in one place! I said that last year too... There bikes of all types colors and manufacturers. Everything from Harley's to Boss Hoss customs powered by 350 and 502 V-8's. The bike that stood out to me was a custom chopper with a custom air brushed paint job from Mike Learn. The theme was a Vietnam War Memorial bike. The front fender displayed a down soldier and the words "Leave No Man Behind". The tank had a chopper with two gunners hanging out the side and the Memorial Wall complete with names in the background. The bike made a bike statement and was a work of art. Below I have some photo's but they don't do it justice. The video Above has some better footage of the bike.

We walked around jacking jaws and checking out bikes for several hours. some of the clouds burned off and we had some decent weather. The event was very well planned to say the least. With the exception of a motorcycle crash on Whidbey during our ride back, the event was great.  I have heard many times that this is a dangerous event due to the number of riders etc. Keep an open mind. Ride it once using a route that will avoid the bulk of the riders. If you do end up riding behind riders who are taking chances or who's riding skills seem questionable, just pull off and stretch your legs. I say this because in some cases folks split lanes and ride fender to fender  leaving little room for error. In this scenario it only takes one rider to compromise many. It's called the domino effect.  You won't be a domino if you use common sense. Once you arrive in town there will be some great folks to guide you through town as you look for a parking slot. You will be glad you rode. Join the us for Oyster Run 2008 and ride safe!

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