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You buy a bike, ride it home and immediately do a walk around while mentally exploring your options for enhancements. Tweaks and modifications to begin the transformation into a unique ride that better reflects your attitude and taste. Some after market additions can not only play a roll in providing for that outstanding look but play even a bigger roll in providing for increasing the riders safety. I recently purchased a 2008 Suzuki B-King. The B-king in 2008 was known as the worlds most powerful street fighter and the bike lives up to it's reputation with the exception of the stock mirrors were lacking in the street fighter looks and were designed for narrow shoulder riders. The safety factor alone is all the reason I needed to look for an alternative.  50% of the field of view in the OEM mirrors displayed the reflection of my shoulders 2008 Suzuki B-King mods bar end mirrors motrax CRG street fighter streetfighter aftermarket parts  WA Washington motorcycle rides Road-Quest.comand upper arms. I could see vehicles to my right or left but I had no view of anything behind me. No adjustments resolved the problem nor did moving my head and neck to the side. I started my hunt for a longer mirror with no joy. I explored mirror extensions but I couldn't bring myself to attach something so ugly to such a sweet bike. The street fighter look was what I was after so I began researching bar end mirrors. I read forum posts in many forums. There were several popular models. Out of a higher level of integrity then some, I will not mention the manufacturers. After all it wouldn't be fair without actually purchasing them and seeing for myself.  My nephew on the other hand purchased a set from one of these major name bar end manufacturers and now he continues to frequently adjust and tighten them. This deterred me from moving in their direction and I started looking for something that stood out in quality and had a manufacturer that stood behind their product. I came across a manufacturer based out of the UK. It was then I decided to see if they were willing to team with me and provide a discount for the product so I could review it. I clicked the send button and off went the email. To my Oberon Performance Ltd. Billet Aluminum Brass Street Fighter Oblong Bar End Mirrors.surprise I received a reply from the manufacture requesting more information and showing some interest. One more email and we were on. Enter Steve Street owner of Oberon Performance Ltd. We exchanged several emails and with each one came a enhanced feeling that these guys really stood behind their products and wanted to prove it. And that is just what Steve did. He offered to send a set of Oberon bar end mirrors of my choice in style and color for the cost of shipping. I chose the Oberon oblong bar end mirrors in black. I was after a better field of view then the round models and these had a nice look at 2" in height and 4" in length. After some measurements I replied with my wish list with size, style, color and inside bar diameter. Steve responded with a confirmation the package was shipping that day with a added bonus! Oberon opted to include a second set of round mirrors so I could try them both. Another indication Oberon is dedicated to get a quality product to the consumers and will go the extra mile to demonstrate this.

Oberon Performance Ltd. Billet Aluminum Brass Round Street fighter Bar End Mirrors.Before I get into moving forward with  the review I wanted to provide you, the consumer,  with more information about Oberon Performance Ltd. I contacted Steve once again and obtained some history behind the manufacturer. Oberon began in 1987, first manufacturing breathing apparatus for firemen. Very accurate and interesting work. Oberon soon got a good name for high quality work but found they needed products of they're own. Oberon soon started in the incentive gifts market, high end gifts for corporate banks and financial institutions which was good business and led to they're products being stocked and sold in Harrods (big store in London, very very high end), but did not really float their boat. Then they got into manufacturing and marketing fire systems and navigation systems for the marine market. At one point Steve purchased a Suzuki Bandit 1200 and rode it home. During the ride home and upon arriving Steve had an epiphany! People buy a bikes, ride them home and quickly start exploring  their options for enhancements. There was a market ripe for the picking. Sure there is competition but when is there not? The way around this is to build a better product that wins the hearts of the consumer. Steve used four words in our conversation convinced me he new what it was all about. "The customer is King".  So let me sum this up so far. The owner of Oberon loves his work. He believes the customer is king. Quality is at the top of the list and the products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Most impressive comes to mind as I waited for the delivery that was days off in the future.

Oberon Performance Ltd. Billet Aluminum Brass Round Clamp on Street Fighter Bar End Mirrors.Within a few days I had the product in hand and was heading for the garage to install the mirrors. The product was very well packaged to keep it safe during shipping. The instructions were crystal clear and the installation was very easy. The entire process took about 30 minutes and some of that was me messing with the camera. Once installed I was very impressed with the quality and field of view in the mirrors. I made a few minor adjustments then took the bike out on the road for a short test run. During the test run there was very little vibration in the mirrors. I was able to see not only the sides but behind me as well. This was not the case with the OEM mirror set. I arrived back to my garage grinning ear to ear. It really makes one feel good when an install goes as clean and nice as this one did.

Update: I have put over 500 miles on the bike since the install of the Oberon bar end mirrors and I am extremely please with the field of view and quality. The mirrors have been rock solid and have shown no issues. I simply get on the bike daily and ride it. No adjusting the mirrors or tightening up the hardware. This is the way it should be with anything you install on your motorcycle providing you installed it correctly. I can't forget the looks of the mirrors. They have a up to date street fighter look that really blends in nicely with the styling of the Suzuki B-King. I must say at this point I am very impressed with the Oberon Manufacture and the product. This is how it should be!

For those who have followed my road trips on this site know I put miles on my bikes. I will continue to put miles on the B-King and will update this page periodically so drop in from time to time and check status. As it stands this Oberon product and the manufacturer gets the Road-Quest.com seal of approval.  For what it's worth, I ride year round and put allot of miles on my bikes. I can't afford to have parts or gear failing me. I will only back products that will hold up in the extreme range of riding conditions I and my bikes endure. Below is Oberon's contact information for those interested. Oberon accepts PayPal so you don't have to worry about giving out your credit card information. Simply pay with PayPal and they will quickly process and ship your product. If you have any questions regarding the products or installation Oberon has personnel available to answer any questions and provide any guidance necessary to make your purchase, installation and experience a pleasant one.  I would also like to extend a big THANK YOU to Steve Street for literally sending the mirrors to me at no charge, to perform the review. This experience has got me looking into other motorcycle gear etc. that is available out of the UK.

If you plan on ordering please let them know Road-Quest.com sent you. ;-)

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