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During my travels through cyber land as I travel in and out of forums, online publications and YouTube I get the opportunity to meet interesting people, here there stories and see their bikes. Every now and then I find information that person has that I feel would be a great addition to this site. Recently I bumped into Kevin Patterson on YouTube. Kevin's YouTube name is thevmaxman. I watched a few of his videos and responded with some Dyno questions and well from there we started discussing bike stuff and since he has been very busy with modifications to his own B-king I thought why not publish his info and story on my site. Kevin has been riding street bikes for approximately 26 years and lives in the small town Concord Virginia. That said, here's the background on Kevin and what he has done with his Suzuki B-King.  In his words of course.

By Kevin Patterson
Bike: 2008 Suzuki B-King
Published: January 25th, 2009

Well lets get started, I'm a 45 year old rider that has had some type of street bike since the age of 19. I fell in love with the Yamaha V-Max in 1987 and was a proud owner of 4 different year models of that same bike. In 2006 or so I heard about the new release of the V-Max, boy was I excited. I waited and waited and waited a little more. In the mean time I was contacting dealership after dealership trying to get some kind of date of the release. I even contacted Yamaha directly but got the same answer. “We don't have a date yet”. I wanted a new bike and I wasn't going to buy another v-max that hadn't changed scene 1985.

  So I started looking for some sort of standard muscle bike and along came the Suzuki B-King. The answer to the V-Max. This bike has been all sorts of fun to ride, the handling is out of this world. But just like the V-Max you always want a little more ;-). I started looking for some after market parts for the King and it wasn't long before it started. The following modifications were installed in my basement.

Fender Eliminator: Evoetch
Alarm System: Bell
Bar End Mirrors: Power Freaks
Power Commander: Forward Motion
Air Shifter: Schnitz Racing
X-TRE: Ebay
Shift Light: M.S.D
Extended swing arm 6”over: Trac Dynamics
6 Tube Multicolor Neon's: Ebay
Exhaust System: Two Brothers M2
Radial Mount Lowing Bracket: 58 cycle
Lowering Strap: 58 cycle
Rear Lowering Dog Bones: Street
Air Filter: K&N
Bar Mount kill Switch: M.P.S. Racing
Camera Mount: Canada
Garmin Quest GPS Unit: Ebay

After all of the modifications I am looking for at least 190 hp to the rear wheel. I Dyno'd the bike after the Two Brothers M2 exhaust and Power Commander and it turned over 175 hp to the rear wheel. Come on Mr. Max I'm right around the corner.....

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Email Kevin

"Rob's two cents..."

As you can see by Kevin's last statement he is very proud of his work and the B-King modifications. Rightfully so, as it takes dedication, time and money to make the type of modifications Kevin has with his bike. Considering the power to weight ratio the new V-Max will have a ways to go to compete with Kevin's B-King in the straight away. Bone stock B-King VS. bone stock V-max, the B-King will definitely take the V-Max in the corners. This is not surprising as they are setup differently. Of course the rider makes all the difference as well.

So lets look at bang for buck HP wise on probably the top two modifications.

#1) X-TRE - $129 plus shipping (eBay or 15 HP in gears 1-3rd and the 158 MPH limiter removed from gears 5th and 6th. My personal opinion is the X-TRE is the best bank for the bucks spent as it's very hard to get 15 HP gain for as little as $129.00. This equates to $8.60  per 1 HP gained. Note: The B-king is know for experiencing the highest gains at 15 HP for this modification. Other 1000cc range bikes usually get 8-12 HP and the 600cc class seem to get 2-4 HP.

#2) Two Brothers M2 Exhaust - Approximately $800 plus shipping. Roughly a 9 HP gain. As you can see the 9 HP gain costs allot more but this modification will turn heads and best of all, impress the rider. This equates to $88.88 per 1 HP gained.


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