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Every now and then I get an email from folks who are out of state and have come across this site and interested in riding Washington roads. I do my best to support them with information on the roads, other key destinations and lodging if necessary. I have been wanting to post some content on ride by visitors so that others like them can get the ride perspective by another rider who too is from out of the area. This will be the first post of this kind. This trip report and all photos were provided by Kevin Williams from his ride through the Olympic Peninsula. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Kevin Williams

1997 BMW R1100RT
Miles Ridden:
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June 19th-26th
July 22nd, 2010
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I started my trip early Sat. morning because I had a long trip ahead of me on the first day. With showers in the Blues on I84 and Snoqualmie pass on I90 I finally arrived in Seattle where I had a little trouble finding the ferry. Once I found the ferry I was off to Kitsap Memorial Park for my first night camping. Kitsap was a nice park but with a wedding party that night I didn’t sleep much (9:00 was not quiet time it was get the party rolling time).

   In the morning I was headed towards Lake Crescent Lodge after a great breakfast at Taylor’s in Port Angeles. You know you have arrived at Lake Crescent because of the pristine forest the lodge is set in. My room was wonderful with a balcony looking at the lake and a soft bed, great food in the restaurant and the weather getting better and better. During my stay at Lake Crescent I visited Hurricane Ridge and Cape Flattery. Starting at Port Angeles along Puget Sound the seventeen-mile long Hurricane Ridge Road snakes up the side of the Olympic Mountains to 5,240 feet. I highly recommend seeing both of them weather you’re on a bike or not. I had no expectations of Cape Flattery, I just wanted to be at the most N.W. corner of the U.S.( lower 48) and was pleasantly surprised after a walk through a protected forest, to see what the landscape had become after being slowly carved up by the ocean.

Road-Quest.com - BMW ride through the olympic Peninsula and up to MT Rainier.

 Then on to Lake Quinault Lodge which was a little disappointing after the Lake Crescent experience so I shortened my stay by one night before  heading to Mt. Rainier. One thing I did do before I left was take a ride around the lake. I started out on the south side  and ran into gravel. No way I was taking my bike on that road. Then went around to the north side which was a little more scenic. I was enjoying my ride when that gravel road came up again. The beautiful forest lured me in further and further until I was committed to go all the way around. The road was hard pack with gravel on it with a lot of pot holes which you try to dodge while staying upright. A tour van passed me going the other way belonging to the lodge, I would suggest that mode of transportation.

  The road from Olympic Nat. Park to Mt. Rainier on hwy 101 through Olympia and then through Yelm was a very pleasant ride with easy traffic and nice scenery.  After arriving at Mt. Rainier and at my camp ground Cougar rock, I set up camp. Then I rode back to Copper Creek Inn which I saw on the way in and remembered that Rob said the food was good there especially the black berry pie. I had the special of the day: BLT on a crescent role. It was an excellent. The food was fresh and the pie was delicious, even though I took the pie to go and it got a little runny. Next time I will have it ala mode on the spot.

Road-Quest.com - BWM ride around the olympic Peninsula and up to MT Rainier.The next day I rode the spectacular ride from cougar rock to Paradise with picture post card views around every corner. After doing some hiking and relaxing at the very nice and quiet cougar rock camp ground I headed back home but the road had just opened up to Sunrise on the other side of the mountain and  I had to check it out. Getting there was a fun ride on the bike and you get the “on top of the world” view after you arrive. Sunrise at 6,400 feet,  is the highest point accessible by vehicles. 

  After the Sunrise side trip and the “I have to check this out” stops leaving Mt. Rainier with waterfalls around every corner, it turned into a long days ride home. After 8 days and 1818 miles I saw a lot of spectacular scenery and sites I have never seen before. I was glad the ride was over after a grueling ride getting home at about 10:00 that night to Emmett Id. near Boise. I hope to visit Washington again.

One thing I wanted to mention, there might be a new burger place to put on the list. It’s” Laredo drive in” in Naches Washington on Hwy 12  near  Yakima. Great hamburgers!

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