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This install and review is bitter sweet. The sweet part is the product. The bitter part was that today I got in a situation where I had two lay down my new 2008 Suzuki B-King. We will all do this a few times in a lifetime of riding. Some more so then others. Some times it's rider error or a chain of small events that add up to a nasty situation that is inevitable. In my case it was a combination of both. Live and learn! To add insult to injury, when I arrived home my frame sliders had arrived from Evotech based out of the UK. Really?

I could have gotten pissed and had a bad night but I thought what a good chance to inform others of the benefits of installing frame sliders. After all I had the sliders in my hand and I had a good example of a new bike with road rash. So why not? Off to the garage with camera and parts in hand I went. It took three times as much time to set up my camera gear then it did to install the Evotech frame sliders. $75 US and 15 minutes and its all over. The install was very simple. I used an Allen socket driver to remove the factory motor mount bolts. I then assembled the two piece bobbin and shaft that make up the frame slider and bolted them into place. it just doesn't get any better. The products are made of Delrin and designed to be very effective at what they do (slide). The bolts, I'm told are shatter resistant. I put frame sliders at the top of the list right under safety gear. Get yourself safe first, then make your bike safe. This $75 investment would have saved me about $600 in parts had I had them on the bike. No worries, the bike will be fine after some bolt on cosmetic stuff. nothing bent. The Evotech frame sliders appear to be a top notch product and well built. I do wish the slider part went closer to the frame. (See my EOS frame slider page).

Note: If your browser does not play the Windows embedded media player content, I have published this video to my YouTube channel. Play YouTube Version.

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