Flaming Geyser Park - Dash Point Loop

Trip Date: 7-12-2008


  • Ruston Way waterfront
  • MT Rainier (Views)
  • Green River
  • Green River Valley Rd.
  • Black Diamond Rd.
  • Flaming Geyser Park
  • Flaming Geyser
  • Bubbling Geyser
  • Green River Gorge
  • History lesson from Trader John
  • Old Town of Franklin (and cemetery)
  • Old Green River Gorge Resort
  • Highway 509
  • Seven Eleven Icy (it was hot out)
  • Pick Quick Burgers in Fife
  • Deer
  • Rough Road (Franklin Rd.)


Flaming Geyser Park -Dash Point Loop Video

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Trip Details:

Another sunny Saturday and today was a sleep in day. After a motivational push from 2 cups of coffee, I decided why not a ride today.  It wasn't in the plan but why not. The weather was great, sunny and in the low 80's. I hadn't planned to ride today and didn't prepare for it at all. I was hoping my camera batteries had enough juice to pull off another ride for this site. As luck would have it I had a fully charged battery for my camera and camcorder. I have 6 batteries for my camcorders and a couple for the camera. It pays to pick up spares. I put all my gear in the trunk of the wing, and grabbed some hamburger money out of my safe and I was ready to go. Well almost. I had to spend some time cleaning bugs off my windshield from the last ride. I was trying to come up with a place to and then remembered I had ridden to Flaming Geyser Park a while back but the weather turned for the worse and I couldn't shoot quality video due to the rain. This would be a great opportunity to re-ride the trip but with some different roads in the mix. Since the previous ride was a bit short and boring on the back end I decided to add Dash Point and highway 509 to the end.

Once on the road I took my usual route which took me along the Ruston Way waterfront in Tacoma. There were allot of folks walking  and enjoying the sun. Ruston Way took me into town and on to US 705. This is a short stretch of highway that took me between town and the Thea Foss water way. Next it was on to I-5 (Ugh), through Fife and on to the highway 18 on ramp. 18 was a short ride as I quickly approached my turn on to the Black Diamond off ramp. At the end of the ramp I turned right on to Auburn Black Diamond Rd. This road was a short block as my next turn was right on to the Green valley Rd. This was a fun road. It's about 8 miles in length. The speed limit is 35 mph but the road winds through the valley paralleling the Green River. The road wound through the valley past countless farms with pastures lined with wooden fencing. It was a very relaxing stretch of road with farm buildings, pastures and a brief view of the Green River from time to time. It wasn't long and I came up on the turn into Flaming Geyser Park. In fact, it came up so quickly I missed the turn and had to turn around and go back. I guess I get caught up in the scenery some times. The park entrance Road-Quest.com WA motorcycle rides roads destinations ride video Flaming Geyser Park Green River Gorge Washingtontook me next to the Green River and at one point across a interesting looking bridge. As I approached the heart of the park I could see parking was going to be limited. There were allot of folks there. It looked like there was several family get together's  and a  business picnic not to mention allot of folks who came to beat the heat with a cold dip in the Green River. I parked my wing at the end of the a row of cars and headed to the "Flaming Geyser". I have seen it before at was a bit let down. The "Flaming Geyser" consists of a Round Concrete platform with a hole in it where gas escapes from the ground at a slow rate. The flame is a whopping 3 to 5 inches tall. If you make this trip and see it isn't burning, just light it with a lighter. Sometimes the wind blows it out. To the left of it is a small stream. Farther up stream is a small water fall and above that is "Bubbling Geyser". To get to "Bubbling Geyser" you have to walk across a bridge and up the trail. The walk is short. Once you there you will see a area of the stream that has tiny bubble coming up from the stream bed. There s a faint smell of sulfur in the air. This is "Bubbling Geyser"! Hey, they are not giant in size but still have the semi cool factor going on. TRoad-Quest.com WA motorcycle rides roads destinations ride video Flaming Geyser Park Green River Gorge Washingtonhe walk in the forest is nice and relaxing as well. As I came down the trail to the entrance I decided to walk another short trail that leads to the green River. I enjoyed the view, snapped a few photos for this site and headed back to my wing.

With my camera mounted and route activated on my GPS I was ready to continue today's short but sweet journey. It was a right turn on to SE Green valley Rd and a short 2.9 miles to my right turn on to the Enumclaw Black Diamond Rd. The Enumclaw Black Diamond Rd was another short run as my next turn was a sharp left on to Franklin RD SE. This is a nice back road with the exception of some rough road conditions early on. After that it improves and winds past Hanging Gardens State Park. This stretch of road is about 4 miles. At the end is a hair pin turn and it becomes the Green River Gorge Rd. There is a traffic light here. It is synced with the one on the other side so the two are never green at the same time. this is due to the single lane bridge. I made my way across but something made me want to go back. I felt like I should stop and check things out. Maybe walk the bridge. I went back across and then waked out on the span. When I looked over the North side I was blown away by the Breath taking view of the Green River Gorge. It was amazing. I crossed to the other side Road-Quest.com WA motorcycle rides roads destinations ride video Green River Gorge Resort Washingtonand there was two really cool water falls on the East side of the river dropping water from about 30 feet. I had never seen these before. I have crossed this bridge many times but unless one stops and walks the span the river and falls are out of sight. I noticed a nice trail down to the falls so I headed back and climbed over the concrete barrier.  There was a gate but it was locked. It was then I heard a voice stating I was on private property. There were no signs. As I turned there was an older man wearing sunglasses and a West Coast Chopper shirt. He introduced himself as "trader John". He is the care taker of the property. I told him who I was and that I was just getting photos for my site and he started telling me about the history behind the place. On the left side of the road is an old resort. It has been closed down for many years. This property and the property with the falls is owned by a guy named Jim carter. Apparently the Olympia brewery used to get water from his property. They also shot many of their commercials down on this section of the Green River. Trader Road-Quest.com WA motorcycle rides roads destinations ride video Green River Gorge Resort WashingtonJohn gave me a tour of the resort grounds. Behind the old resort is a trailer/RV park where about 15 spots are used as permanent housing. Each containing a trailer or RV etc. I was then shown Trader johns 1979 Harley Davidson. He has put 26,000 miles on it. It was parked in a utility trailer to keep it of of the weather. As we made our way back to my wing In noticed two dates stamped into the concrete near the entrance of the bridge. He informed me that the old bridge was built in 1915 and torn down in 1991. The new bridge was built in 1991 and they stamped the dates of the old bridge into the concrete. This is why I like to make stops some times. I seem to stumble on bits and pieces of history. Across the bridge and through a double gate on the left is a fire road. This road is a 30 minute walk back to the old town of Franklin and the old Franklin cemetery. He stated there are some old coal mines and coal carts up there. Pretty cool if you ask me.

I got a picture of trader John for this site then said goodbye. It was time to hit the road. The rest of the trip took me along the SE Green River Gorge Rd to the Black Diamond Rd which took me to highway 18. This area was nice and had some shaded areas. As I rounded a turn I saw a glimpse of a Doe and her Fawn  drinking in a stream on my right. I have ridden through here before and never saw this stream. I stopped and took photos. I couldn't get too close as they were a ways up stream. Highway 18 took me into Federal Way and North bound on Pacific Highway. I turned left on 312th and headed west. I was really starting to get thirsty and though a Coke Icy would really go down good right now. Within a few blocks I was treated to the sight of a Seven Eleven sign. I pulled in and sure enough, an Icy Machine with the beverage I had been wanting. After a brief stop I was back in the saddle and heading down Dash Road-Quest.com WA motorcycle rides roads destinations ride video Dash Point Beach Washingtonpoint Rd. This led me to the Dash Point entrance and down to the beach. I really enjoyed the cool air and the gorgeous view of the water. There were allot of folks down there beating the heat. Quite a few of them were crabbing and fishing from the pier. my stop was short as hunger was now setting in. I headed back up Dash Point Rd. and on to highway 509.  Highway 509 winds around the east shores of Commencement Bay. Great sweeping turns with a view to boot. Not just of the water but several great views of MT Rainier. Before heading to the hart of the city I made a short detour into Fife to pay a visit to one of my favorite old school hamburger stops. Pick Quick in Fife is awesome. Their burgers are great, there malts are awesome and there fries can't be beat, No kidding! I have yet to taste better fries. Its all out door seating but there are plenty of shade trees and picnic tables. This place is very biker friendly. I highly recommend Pick Quick in Fife. After a tasty and filling lunch it was Back on 509 and back to my home in the NW area of Tacoma. I finished my ride off with cruise along the Ruston Way waterfront and I can't think of a better ending for this ride and this trip log. That said,  here is another ride for my collection. Trip Length 88 miles. Short but oh so sweet!


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