Vashon & Maury Island Loop

Trip Date: 6/8/07


  • Vashon Island
  • Maury Island
  • Ferry Ride
  • Many Water Front Scenic Views
  • Twisties
  • Zoomies Burgers
  • Very Large Madrona Forest

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Vashon Maury Island Loop
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Point Robinson Light House
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Trip Details:


I worked a shorter day today and decided to dedicate the couple hours to another ride. My initial intent was to ride southward but the Over cast skies in that direction pointed me north in the direction of the sun. I received a tip from a viewer (vashongirl), mentioning allot of twisties around Vashon Island. Apparently vashongirl rides the island daily and who better to know.Thanks vashongirl! Since I really liked my last ride across Vashon Island and the Zommie burger, I decided to ride the back roads of the island in search of these twisties. My plan was to stay off the main Highway as much as possible and try and stick to the back roads. I sat down in front of my PC and mapped it all out. In the mix would be a stop at Point Robinson Park to see the light house and a ride through what looked like some very tight turns on the north east side..

My first stop was at the Point Defiance Ferry terminal where I paid my fee and obtained a pass to board the ferry. The wait was about 20 minutes but I had plenty of company. One of the Ferry workers (Craig) just happened to be a rider. He seemed to be a great guy and we exchanged ride stories until the ferry approached. Two other riders showed up as well. One riding a 1980's RT100 and the other riding a 2005  Silver Goldwing. I was really impressed with the Goldwing and it was the exact color I would want. A couple key points about riding the Ferry are you get to board first with no wait for another boat or run and when waiting to board you get the opportunity to chat with others. In this case both riders were Islanders. I always like to get the perspective of others so I had to ask how the wait for the Ferry each day worked for them. They had a great way of looking at it. The wait was a way to visit with others unlike my wait in traffic each morning. They were right. As I thought about it, I too would prefer daily Ferry rides over I-5.

As the ferry embarked on it's crossing I couldn't help but miss my cabin cruiser. Gas prices and cost of Moorage forced sale. It wasn't long and we were docking at Vashon. I was really jazzed about this ride because the forests on Vashon and Maury are loaded with beautiful Madrona tree's and there are plenty of water front views. Riding the side roads of Vashon and Maury is like riding through a national park. In fact this is one of those rides that are perfect for hot days. As I rode on I was in and out of the Madrona and Alder tree canopy as well  as in and out of sections of Twisties. I made several stops for pictures as I made my way to Quarter Master Harbor. The tide was out and the harbor was just gorgeous. My next stop was Point Robinson on the south east side of Maury Island. This point has always been a favorite of mine as I used to photograph the light house and surrounding from my boat. It was a treat for me to see it from land. If this were on the main land it would have been crowded with people. In this case, there were only 2 other people in the area. One of the first things you will notice riding around the islands is that everything seems to be low key. No one seems to be in a hurry and everyone seems to be friendly. I say this because as I made my way around the island several locals waved as I went by.

My route soon took me back on to the main highway heading east into the town of Vashon. If your looking for a really good hamburger then look for Zoomies on the left. It's a small clean little burger joint that makes a killer burger. If your an ice cream lover then they can help you with that as well. Every time I have eaten their the employee's seem to be in great spirits. Vashon is a small town with a hand full of small shops, eateries and a theater. Don't blink, you might miss something.

As I neared the east end of the island I made my left turn heading to the north east side of the island. If you make this ride it's at this point you will like me or hate me. There are allot of tight twisties that wind endlessly beneath the forest canopy. You won't get any speed out of them. We are talking one narrow lane and tight but fun. I was really amazed as the scenery was spectacular. It wasn't long and I departed the twisties on to some straighter roads heading south west. I stopped to watch a couple horses playing in a pasture. I was hoping to get some close ups of them but they didn't like my presence at ran further into the pasture. Thank god for the zoom lens!

I mentioned deer as a riding hazard and this is no joke. There are allot of deer on these islands. Proof of this was a dead deer laying on the roadside. It appeared the animal was struck by a car probably the night before. I wasn't riding much longer and the road turned on to the Vashon Highway. A few more miles and turns and I was making my last 2 turns on to the ferry landing. As luck would have it,  I pulled up just as they were boarding. I'm not sure if that was a good thing or not. The wait for the boat usually provides ample scenery and the opportunity to chat with others.  A short but great boat ride across and I was heading up Pearl street in Tacoma towards home. I can't say it enough... If you have not ridden Vashon and Maury island, it's a must do. I would make this ride on a hot day and take advantage of the breeze coming off the salt water and the shade from the forest canopy. And bring your appetite because Zoomies is worth the stop.

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