Steamboat Island - Olympia

Trip Date: 2-23-2008


  • Titlow Beach
  • Chambers Creek
  • Mud Bay
  • Olympia
  • Olympia Capital Building
  • Henderson Inlet
  • Frye Cove
  • Eld Inlet
  • Bud Inlet
  • Pickering Passage
  • Totten Inlet
  • Steamboat Island
  • Nisqually River
  • Bunkhouse BBQ (Barn Burner Burger)
  • Allot of Great Backroads!
  • Deer
  • Narrow Roads
  • Gravel on roadway in some remote back roads.

Steamboat Island Video

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Trip Details:

Well, the weatherman got it right this time. I woke up to sunny sky's as he said I would. This wasn't the case last time. The temperature was a balmy 48 degrees. Not bad for this time of year. Today's ride was intended to be a short one as I have a 260+ mile ride planned  for tomorrow. I decided to head for a small Island named Steamboat Island located in Olympia. As usual I tried to stay away from I-5 as much as possible. Before I go on I have to point out the features section of this trip log. Take a look at the long list of features. There is allot of great scenery packed into this ride. That said, lets move on. The section of I-5 between Seattle and Olympia is about as boring as they come. Nothing but 4 lanes of cagers. I chose to ride west on 6th avenue down to Titlow beach. I made a short stop to take in the view and snap some photos. Great view of the Puget Sound waters and the Narrows bridges. From there I backtracked a block and headed south on Grandview. This road leads into the Chambers Creek area. There are several View point parks that seem to draw allot of folks.  This is also the location of the new Golf Course. The ride through Chambers Creek was great. Some twisties and some really great views of the mud flats. The view is even better when the tide is high. I passed several other riders on this stretch of road. This road soon became the Dupont Stillacoom  Rd. This section of road continues for 6.6 miles and is open and also lined with forest in sections. It also passes through sections of the Fort Lewis grounds. As I road past a group of soldiers doing some training I gave them a couple blasts on the horn and a wave to show my appreciation for their efforts. At this point it was time to get on I-5 for 7.7 miles to the Marvin Rd. This got me off I-5 and on to some cool back roads in Olympia I had never ridden.

I wanted to make a stop at a Tolmie state park. I was thinking it would have a good water front view. Wrong! It's a gravel lot with trail WA motorcycle rides roads destinations ride video Tolmie State Park Washington cows cattleheads leading to some hiking trails. Unless you have the urge to hike instead of ride, I would skip this.  In this area I took 56th (left( and it turned into 63rd. I then turned left on Johnson Pont Rd. This road parallels Henderson Inlet. The nice thing about riding in these roads is you get a great mix of forest, open pasture and great views of the Puget Sound waters. Johnson Point Rd b turned into South Bay Rd and this took me back to I-5. I could have stayed on I-5 but instead I road some really cool back roads. After another short ride on I-5 I turned off on to the hwy 101 exit. Once I turned off on to 101 I was treated with several views of the Capital building . The views were across the waterway and the Capital building looked really cool. In this area these waterways lead out to the Nisqually flats. There is some great crabbing out off the flats. Once again I started missing my boat. The one thing I don't miss is the monthly fuel bill.

Hyw 101 was a short ride as I quickly came up on my exit to Steamboat Island Rd. I missed my turn and had to turn around only to find that the two roads come together any way. I couldn't have got it wrong. Making a wrong turn for me is the norm even when I'm riding with a GPS. I get too busy looking at the scenery that I forget to watch for my next turn. Just shy of a mile I turned right on to Gravely Beach Rd. I was attempting to find another little park that would be a cool addition to the ride. Gravely Beach Rd. is a gem of a back road with plenty of turns as it parallels Eld inlet. You get some great views of the water way. This fun section of road is only 4.4 miles long but the speed limit is 30 mph so it doesn't fly by too quickly. At the end of the 4.4 miles it was a right turn on to Young Rd. NW for a short .6 miles. Here I turned on to 61st Ave which led me right into the  Frye Cove County Park. This is a great little park with trails and paved walk ways leading down to the water. It's also not a bad place to stop and let some blood rush back into the back side. When leaving the park just turn right on Young Rd NW. This road runs right into Steamboat Island Rd and takes you down to the Island. As I crested the hill and headed down towards the island the scenery switched from country roads to open views of the Eld Inlet WA motorcycle rides roads destinations ride video Steam Boat Island Washington(right), Totten Inlet (left), Pickering Passage and Hope Island (forward Rigth). The view was spectacular to say the least. Steamboat Island is very tiny. In fact I felt guilty riding through the neighborhood as it's a narrow one way road that circle the inner middle of the island and all residential. If your riding in a large group or have loud pipes it may be best to stop on the other side of the bridge and pass on riding around the residential area.  They don't want you stopping on the bridge as it's narrow but I had to any way. There is a great view of the Inlet with MT. Rainier in the back ground. I kept thinking to myself  "what a nice area". On both sides of the bridge were beaches. It's not really a bridge as it's a narrow spit that joins the island to the main land. I hung around a bit and talked with a guy who was out on his daily walk.

The trip home took me back to 101 the way I came and I turned off on to hwy 510. Originally I was going to ride I-5 home to make the trip back short. I couldn't bring myself to do it. it was such a nice day and I was getting a bit hungry. I decided to ride hwy 510 to 507 and down into McKenna. There is a method to my madness. Just across the Nisqually river in McKenna, is the Bunkhouse BBQ. If you have visited some of my trip logs and my Best Burgers page you should be familiar with this eatery. It's my #1 pick for Best burger in Washington. I have tried many of there burgers and they are all great! Last time was the Onion burger. This time I went for the Barn Burner. 1/4 lbs. beef patty, Pepper Jack  Cheese, fried Jalapeņo Peppers, Lettuce, Tomato  and Chipotle mayonnaise. It was awesome! The rest of the trip from hear was back through Roy and into Spanaway then onto I-5 to home. Outside of the one state park area that didn't work out, I really enjoyed this ride. It's always fun to ride back roads you never have ridden before.

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