Oyster Run - Anacortes WA


Trip Date: 9-24-2006


  • Puget Sound
  • Mukilteo Ferry
  • Whidbey Island
  • Deception Pass
  • Anacortes
  • Great People
  • Allot of Bikes!


  • Allot of Bikes!
  • Allot of Police Activity

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Oyster Run 2006
Tacoma to Anacortes WA
9.2 MB 314 Kbits/Sec.

Trip Details:

Sunday September 24th, a rare fall day with temperatures predicted near 75. 7 AM it's 50 degrees with sun and patchy fog. I loaded my bike for a day trip and headed to Shell for fuel. Next stop the Espresso stop for some Java! After paying the barista and placing myAlmond joy on ice in my trusty cup holder, I was off to Claim Jumpers in Tukwila where I planned to meet another rider. I have been looking forward to riding the Oyster Run but was going to ride it next year. I originally was going to ride to Winthrop this weekend. At the last moment I decided a shorter run was in order. Oyster Run it is! On the way, as I rode down 30th in Tacoma, the sun stuck it's face out of the clouds with a fiery glow. I couldn't pass this up so I reached into my tank bag and pulled out the video camera and captures the moment. In fact I planned on shooting more video during the ride. The ride up I-5 was uneventful and about as fun as I-5 could get. Once I arrived at Claim Jumper I waited for a short period of time until my buddy showed up. He showed up dripping wet! Apparently there was dense fog and drizzle and his small windshield didn't cut it. We talked for a bit then saddled up and headed towards I-5.

Not allot to say about I-5. Let's see.. Well it wasn't crowded. We cruised past Seattle and took 525 towards Mukilteo. It was a bit refreshing to experience minimal traffic on I-5. There is a method to my planning madness today. I was betting that if we went this route and took the ferry to Whidbey Island, we could avoid the herd heading down I-5. Believe it or not... I got this one right! 525 took us right to the ferry terminal. We pulled right up to a booth, paid and joined another 30 or so bikers. The ferry's run every 1/2 hour so we didn't wait long. As we waited about 20 minutes about 90 or so bikes pulled up behind us. Wow! It was getting loud. We boarded the ferry without a hitch. We were packed in there like sardines! About 120 bikes in all. The ferry ride was short but sweet. Soon we were told to get on our bikes and depart the ferry. The captain gave us a very smooth docking on the other side. All the bikes left the ferry with a thunderous roar. With the exception of my Honda ST1300. It was engine noise was unheard and non-existent in all the noise from the Harley's. After several hundred miles of riding this quiet smooth ride is a blessing!

We stopped for fuel for the V-Star and a restroom break for me. Harley's were roaring by one after another. We fired up the bikes and turned right out of the gas station and followed the other riders down 525. Whidbey Island is a gorgeous 48 mile ride. Some where around half way 525 turns into Hwy 20. This is a neat ride. Tree on both sides and you can smell the saltwater. There are intermittent areas where you literally ride next to the water. One moment you have water to your left and next to your right. I was able to shoot some video on the road in several different areas. Unfortunately no water shots. We pushed on until we reached Deception Pass. This is a great view point. We crossed the bridge and parked on the other side as did about 40 other bikers. I couldn't pass up the chance to snap some photos. After a 20 minute stop we climbed back on our bikes and rode on.

About .7 miles from the far side of  Deception Pass we turned off of Hwy 20 on to Rosario RD. This was another bit of good planning. The herd took 20 and we separated with 8 other bikes and enjoyed nothing but open country road away from the gang. I ride I-5 and Hwy 18 every morning and I like to avoid traffic when I ride for fun. Anacortes was a quick 10 miles up the road. Once we entered into town I was really glad I chose the route I did. There were clusters of 15 bikes or so the way we came. As we pulled in we intersected with the main road that the herd took. There were bikes splitting lanes and stretching back as far as the eye could see. Incredible! The Safeway parking lot seemed like a popular place to park. We pulled in and found one of the few parking stalls left. There were allot of bikes. Bikes of all makes and Models. I with my Honda ST1300 and my buddy with his Yama-Hog V-Star. Across the other corner there was a live band playing. It was hard to tell if they were any good or not. Too much thunder in the air.   A hour and a half was all I could take. My air temp gauge on the ST was reading 77 and it was getting packed. You will see when you check out the photos. We walked around a bit and checked out all the bikes. Then we were heading back.

The traffic was extremely light heading back. In no time we were on the ferry with about 20 other bikers. After another smooth landing we departed the ferry and headed up the road to the Mukilteo Taco Bell. I was starving and the food went down great! I said it went down great. Didn't say it tasted great. After eating we were back on 525 to I-5. Around Renton we went our separate ways and I couldn't wait to get home to work on the trip video. I'm thinking my next ride on a sunny day this winter will be this very same route. The next time I will go farther into Anacortes and take in the sights and some food. This time it was too crowded and I don't like large crowds!

I highly recommend making this ride at least once.

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Tacoma, Washington - United States (USA)
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