North Cascades Highway & Stevens Pass Loop
Day 2

Trip Date: 8-24-2009


  • Hwy 2
  • Wenatchee River
  • Stevens Pass
  • Deception Falls
  • Monroe
  • Hwy 203
  • Cherry Valley Rd.
  • Snoqualmie Falls
  • Snoqualmie River
  • Hwy 18


  • Falling Rock
  • Deer

North Cascades Highway & Stevens Pass Loop
Day 2
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Trip Details:

Day 2 (159 Garmin Miles)

Continued from Day... after a good night sleep we packed out bikes and prepared for our short but sweet journey home. Our first stop was Sandy's Waffle house in Leavenworth. We enjoyed a quality breakfast and great service. On the way out of town we snapped some more photos and made one more pass through the streets of the Bavarian themed town. We headed west on hwy 2 paralleling the Wenatchee river. As always in this area I made several stops for pictures. There are some amazing view of the river with the sheer rock cliffs behind it. There is a small dam that creates a small lake or pool that is worth seeing. I noticed the leaves turning red on the trees signaling summer is near an end. There was even the smell of fall in the air.

The ride up to Stevens Pass was a sweet 30 miles roughly. Once over the pass on the way down we cam across a water fall the was really amazing. Its tucked back on the left side of hwy 2. Once we passed it we pulled into a scenic view point where we walked down some stairs, across a bridge then up some more stairs. The walk took us under the highway to a view point over looking Deception Falls. This is a Honda Goldwing motorcycle ride roads WA Washington Deception Falls Snoqualmie Falls Hwy 2 and Stevens Pass.must stop and see! If my memory serves me Deception Falls is about 19 miles west of Stevens Pass in Skykomish. The next 34 miles took us through Baring, Goldbar and Sultan and soon we arrived in Monroe. The trip home seem to go quickly but was still enjoyable. We rode into Monroe turning left on hwy 203 and rode another 9.1 miles south to Duval. A few years ago I found a fun little detour off hwy 203 called Cherry Valley Rd. Ever since I rode it the first time I make it a part of my ride every time I'm coming through the area. Cherry Valley Rd. consists of 9.8 mile of twisting asphalt that intermittently switches from direct sun light to riding under the shady canopy of trees. The detour is well worth it and perfect for a hot day. Cherry Valley Rd. joins hwy 203 at its end so we continued south another 9 miles riding through Carnation and Fall city to the nice set of twists and turns just prior to Snoqualmie Falls.  It's only 2 miles worth of twists and turns but I always enjoy riding them. We made our next stop at Snoqualmie Falls. I can't help but stop when I'm in the area. The falls are always a big attraction and a great opportunity for photos. We soon saddled up and headed up to hwy 18 and then home. Not much to mention about hwy 18 as its a fairly straight ride and not allot of scenery I would consider worth mentioning.

Day 1 - Hwy 20

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