Kapowsin - McKenna Loop

Trip Date: 8-31-2008


  • Ruston Way Tacoma
  • Pioneer Way
  • Hyw 167
  • Hyw 410
  • Kapowsin Hyw
  • Carbon River
  • Orville Rd
  • Puyallup River
  • Kapowsin Lake
  • Ohop Lake
  • Morgan Lake
  • Hyw 161
  • Silver Lake
  • Hyw 7 (Mountain Hyw)
  • Hyw 702
  • Hyw 507
  • McKenna
  • Bunkhouse BBQ (Great Burgers & Shakes)
  • Stewart's Meats
  • Hyw 510
  • Old Pacific hwy 99
  • Nisqually River
  • Dupont
  • Steilacoom
  • Sunny Side Beach
  • Chambers Creek
  • Titlow Beach & Park
  • Narrows Bridges (Nice View)
  • Deer
  • Road Construction hwy 510 near 5 corners.


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Trip Details:

As the end of August has arrived so has another chance of rain in the forecast. We have not had much of a summer but I have done my best to make the best of it. Our Sunrise and Mud Mountain Dam ride was postponed until tomorrow. I decided last minute that since the sun was shining over my house it may do so else where. With little planning I got all the camera and ride gear stowed in my Goldwing and gave the bike a quick check. My destination was Stewart's Meats in McKenna to load up on Beef Jerky and Pepperoni. This ride was long over due! I decided to get there by way of Kapowsin Highway and hwy 510. Once on the road my first stop was for fuel and then onward I rode along Ruston Way on the Tacoma Waterfront. I made my way on to I-5 and then off again to hwy 167 or River Rd as I know it. At the "Y" at River Rd I turned right on to Pioneer Way. This is a great short 7.2 mile stretch of back road that parallels the Burlington northern railroad tracks. Exactly 1.8 miles down Pioneer Way on the right is an old snag that is a well know land mark where a family of Bald Eagles lives near by. You can park on the right side of the road as there is a wide shoulder. If you cross the road and look in the trees to the north you will see the nest. Best time to catch the Eagles is early morning or an hour before dusk. Around these times the adults leave the nest to hunt. The picture of the Bald near the top of this page, is from a previous trip. Due to the time of day I decided not to stop and rode on into Puyallup where I entered the on ramp to hwy 512 for a short few blocks over the Puyallup River bridge and on to hwy 167 for another few blocks to hwy 410.

The weather started looking pretty gloomy in the direction I was heading. The first mile all was ok and then it started to rain. Soon I was riding in a down pour! I continued riding, determined to finish this ride in hopes to salvage what video I could of the ride. My ride up Road-Quest.com - Washington Motorcycle Ride through Kapowsin, Hyw 7, 410, 161, 507, 5120, McKenna, Ohop Lake, Titlow, Beach, Stewart's, Meats.410 was a total of 8 miles to where I turned right on to 234th Ave E. This road took me 1.4 mile to where I turned left on to Prairie Rd for another short 1.3 miles. It was along this road I decided that the down pour wasn't going to let up so I pulled off to the side of the road and put on my rain gear. I was thinking to myself that this sure is not August weather. More like October. Once I  was shielded from the elements thanks to my First Gear riding gear,  all was well. That is except my video camera. Water had made its way into the display screen and the display was distorting.  This is the second time this camera has taken one for the team. I hope it dry's out like last time with no signs of moisture damage. My next turn was right on to Prairie Rd. Prairie Rd took me 6.8 miles crossing South Prairie Creek and the Carbon River. Nice little stretch of road that intersects with Orville Rd. I turned on to Orville and rode it 5.1 miles while paralleling and crossing the Puyallup River. I really like this stretch of road but it was short lived as my next left turn was on to 264th ST E. This was another short stretch 1.9 miles in length to a stretch of road I had not ridden for some time.

I turned left on to Orville road and enjoyed 11.2 miles of scenic road. I rode parallel to Kapowsin Lake and Ohop Lake. I really like this area because I used to swim in Kapowsin as a kid and as I got older I did some camping and allot of Bass and Crappie fishing at Road-Quest.com - Motorycle ride to Kapowsin Lake, Ohop Lake, Hyw 7, Hyw 161, Orville Rd., Hyw 507, McKenna, Stewart; Meat, Hyw 510, Old Pacific, Hyw, Dupont , Steilacoom, Honda, Goldwing, Gl1800. WA, Tacoma, SeattleOhop Lake.  The lakes were a sight for sore eyes. The sun was shining but the big dark clouds loomed in the background reminding me of the down pour they served me just 15 minutes prior. At least it seemed I was riding in the right direction and that was away from those nasty looking clouds. Soon Orville Rd ended and I turned right on to hwy 161 for 1.8 miles and then a short ride on Eatonville cut off Rd brought me to Stringtown Rd for 2.8 miles to my next right turn on to hwy 7, also known to locals as the Mountain Highway. So far the weather was playing nice and I was enjoying ample sunshine. In the direction I was going it looked to me as if I may not see another rain drop the rest of the ride. hwy 7 is one of my favorites in Washington although the better parts of it are in the opposite direction. Another short 3 miles of road and I turned left on to hwy 702. 702 is approximately 9.3 miles of straight as an arrow road. It still is nice as it's lined by older farms and houses. Once hwy 702 intersected with hwy 507 I turned left and Stewart's Meats was about.6 miles up the road and on the left. If your hungry and in this area, just before Stewart's Meats you will see the Bunkhouse BBQ on the left. The is one of Washington's best burger joints. They are also know for their shakes and make one of the Best Chocolate Malts I have had. Want more info see my burger page. As I pulled in to the parking lot the smell of the smoked meats was really getting my attention. It smelled oh so Good! If you stop in it's take a number and they quickly get to you. I purchased 3 lbs. of Jalapeņo Pepperoni, 1 lbs. regular and 1 lbs. extra hot. I also picked up a pound of their Famous Jerky and a couple of smoked pig ears for my dogs. Once back out in the lot I enjoyed some smoked meets and a Dr. Pepper. Now this is the way to do lunch!

Once watered and fed, I turned left on to 507 and rode another 1.9 miles to my right on hwy 510. This was 12 miles of nice road that took me through Yelm, Fort Lewis land and the Nisqually Reservation. hwy 510 soon brought me to the Old Pacific Highway junction Road-Quest.com - Motorycle ride to Kapowsin Lake, Ohop Lake, Hyw 7, Hyw 161, Orville Rd., Hyw 507, McKenna, Stewart; Meat, Hyw 510, Old Pacific, Hyw, Dupont , Steilacoom, Honda, Goldwing, Gl1800. WA, Tacoma, Seattlewhere I turned right on to the Old Pacific highway. I really enjoy this old highway  as the is allot of nice countryside and in just 3.3 miles from the junction there is a very popular fishing spot. I pulled over just on the other side of the bridge and watched folks fish in the Nisqually River Below. The sun was still shining so everyone below was enjoying a stellar day for wetting a line. Once back on the road it was only 2.2 miles and I turned on to the I-5 on Ramp on my right. As much as I hate I-5 it is a necessary evil sometimes to get to other roads. There fore I endured it one more time to get to my next road which was the Dupont-Steilacoom Rd. This is a great way to avoid I-5 and enjoy a short 5.7 mile but enjoyable road. This road is way better then I-5 and took me in to Steilacoom right by the Ferry terminal. One of these days I'm going to ride this ferry and check out the roads on Anderson Island. Next I turned right on to Lafayette St. and made my way north as Lafayette turned in to Chambers Creek Rd. this is a nice stretch of road. There are ample great views of the Puget Sound Narrows Waters. I stopped and stretched my legs at Sunny Side Beach. Years ago I used to scuba dive off this beach. As I remember is mostly sandy bottom and allot of Moon Snails and Sea Cucumbers.

Road-Quest.com - Motorycle ride to Kapowsin Lake, Ohop Lake, Hyw 7, Hyw 161, Orville Rd., Hyw 507, McKenna, Stewart; Meat, Hyw 510, Old Pacific, Hyw, Dupont , Steilacoom, Honda, Goldwing, Gl1800. WA, Tacoma, SeattleAfter a brief stop  I road the remaining 2.4 miles through Chambers Creek making a quick stop at Chambers Creek for a photo or two. On hot days the waters of above the fish ladder are packed with folks trying to beat the heat. Today there were only a few folks fishing. I turned left on to 64th and followed it to Grandview Dr. W. In this area the Puget Sound was still off to my left and I road by the only Apple Orchard in Tacoma and the new Golf Course everyone is raving about. My next stop came soon after and it was Titlow Beach. This is another nice stop and one of my old scuba dive locations. It's still popular with the divers. Here I ran into my oldest son. He followed me in to the lot probably because he was down wind of the Jerky and Pepperoni. I fed him some of the meat and we both headed up 6th Ave. towards home. Although short and a little wet this was a great ride. There are is allot of scenery packed in to this short 100+ miles ride. Well at least to me it's short. :-)

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Tacoma, Washington - United States (USA)
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