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High Dynamic Range photography is becoming a very popular form of art to allot of photographers. It definitely hooked me once I figured it out. For those of you who don't know how it's done I will give you my take on the process. There are many definitions of HDR floating around out there. Hard core HDR fans swear that it's only HDR if its shot in RAW format and multiple photos of the same scene are shot with the same ISO setting but with the aperture set to a negative then neutral and then positive. Example (-2, 0, +2). This will require a tripod. Software is then used to merge the three or more images into one image with a higher dynamic range. At this point the image has a high definition look. Few stop here. Most will go on to alter most of the settings in the example to the left. When this is done it is called tone mapping. Most photographers make at least minor adjustments. So is it real HDR now? That is the million dollar question. Some software applications allow you to take a single RAW or High Jpeg and create a HDR image. This is done by mapping in the camera curve. I have used this method as well as taking multiple images and merging them. I believe in both cases it's HDR. And allot out there will disagree. What I will tell you is that this is a form of art and I try to get my photos to look like a cross between a high resolution image and a painting. My recommendation is to please your eyes and have fun with it. Below are some examples of my work.




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