Elbe, WA


Trip Date: 4-6-2007


  • MT. Rainier
  • Alder Dam
  • Town of Elbe
  • Alder Lake
  • Great Twisties!


  • Railroad Tracks - Elbe
  • Deer!

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The Road to Elbe
Tacoma to Elbe WA
18 MB 768 Kbits/Sec.

Trip Details:

This was a spur of the moment ride. Allot of my rides seem to go that way. Sun was out and we were to set another record high for temp today. The weather man estimated 77 degrees but we got 78 instead. Yes! I was sitting at my desk working and couldn't help but stare out the window at the sunny day. By 3:30 I was going nuts and needed to ride. I headed home to prepare for a short trip. Short is under 150 miles! I have not ridden to Elbe or Morton for quite some time so that would be an appropriate ride. Sunny day and a trip with allot of turns and great views. Who could ask for more? I called up my nephew and another buddy to extend the ride invite. Unfortunately my nephew got called in to work and my buddy was celebrating his anniversary.  That didn't stop me. It neverRoad-Quest.com WA motorcycle rides roads best hamburgers burgers Elbe Washington has. I mounted my camera gear, GPS and Tank bag. I packed a couple bottles of water and then headed down the road. Unfortunately I was in a hurry and forgot my still camera. Oh well... The ride was awesome. One of the few warm days this year. The roads were just like I left them last year. Nice straights and banked curves that allow good speed. This is a great ride. During the twisties you get a chance to pull over and see the alder dam. After the dam you will soon encounter Alder lake. Soon after Alder lake you enter the town of Elbe. This is a great little town with one late stand, a small grocery store and some restaurants inside some old train cars. There is also a old church that is a historic building. After passing through Elbe I turned right and crossed the river on the bridge. This road leads to Morton. My intent was not to ride to Morton but to ride about 5 to 7 miles up the road where the hills open up and there is a spectacular view of Rainier. As always this spot delivered a breathtaking view of Rainier. The mountain was snow covered and the sun in the  west sky seemed to light it up with brilliance. At this point it couldn't get any better. I have seen this view many times during the summer. This time of year the mountain really stands out due to the snow pack. I highly recommend riding this trip by early spring. You will know what I'm talking about when you see the mountain this time of year. I rested a bit and turned around and headed home. The ride home through the twisties was as fun as the ride in with the exception of the sun in my eyes. As I pulled into my driveway I was nothing but smiles. I keep kicking myself for not riding all the way to Morton.

Road-Quest.com WA motorcycle rides roads best hamburgers burgers Elbe Washington

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