Concrete - Arlington Loop

Trip Date: 5-9-2008


  • Hyw 18
  • I-90 & I-405
  • Hyw 20
  • Hyw 530
  • Hyw 203
  • Mount Vernon
  • Concrete
  • Darington
  • Monroe
  • Fall City
  • Skagit River
  • Sauk River
  • Stillaquamish River
  • Pilchuck River
  • Skykomish River
  • Snohomish River
  • Snoqualmie River
  • Rough Roadway (Enumclaw-Franklin Rd.)
  • Deer


Concrete - Arlington Loop Video

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Trip Details:

Several days of poor spring weather was interrupted today by a balmy 62 degree taste of spring. Followed by a day of mixed weather,  I decided to take the day off as a mental health day and head north. I met up with a riding buddy in Maple Valley. After some brief chat  we departed his driveway and headed north. To avoid hwy 18 we took the Issaquah Hobart road. This was a nice ride all the way up to I-90. East bound I-90 took us to I-405 which we road 46 miles to the hwy 20 exit. As always I-5 proved to be a fairly flat and straight stretch of road. Since we took I-405, we by-passed the Seattle congestion.  After I-5, hwy 20 was a breathe of fresh air. During the first sections of hwy 20 we rode through Sedro Woolley, Cokedale, Hamilton and on to Concrete. I always enjoy a brief stop in Concrete by the Silos. They are large concrete structures with "Welcome to Concrete" in red faded paint. I remember these very same silos as a kid when we passed through on the way to eastern WA on camping trips. One of the attractions to this stretch of highway is the fact it parallels the Skagit River. There are some really nice places to stop and rest. One of which was just up the road and would be our next stop for lunch. The distance to this rest area was 12 miles from Concrete and 2.7 miles from Rockport.

As we pulled into the rest area I was very impressed with the view. The sun was reflecting off of the river and the snow covered North Cascade Mountains just east of us. We couldn't have asked for a better day. We snapped some photo's and then settled into a park WA motorcycle rides roads best hamburgers burgers Arlington Washingtonbench over looking the Skagit River and ate out lunch while enjoying the view. This rest site was very clean including the pot-a-potty's. As we devoured our lunch several others pulled in to rest as well. This really was a great place to stop and eat or just to stretch the legs. After a very relaxing rest we fired up our Goldwings and made our way 2.7 miles back to Rockport where we turned left on to hwy 530. hwy 530 is a road I have not been on in some time. I forgot how nice the road actually is. We had intermittent turns and beautiful country side and forest lands as we finished another 18 miles and entered Darington. Darington is a little town with the main industry being logging. As we entered we watched the heavy equipment operators moving huge loads of logs from one side of the road to a holding area on the opposite side. Our stop was brief as we were anxious to move on. One thing to mention is that hwy 530 parallels the Sauk River and the North Fork of the Stilliquamish River. Near by there is a little lake called Cavanaugh Lake for those who want to stop by a lake for lunch. From Darington to Arlington we enjoyed another 28 miles of back country roads. We made a breif stop in Arlington to get a soda. After quenching my thirst we made our way to Burn for another 7.6 milles and a few side streets to hwy 92 for a short 3 miles. WA motorcycle rides roads best hamburgers burgers Darington WashingtonHyw 92 quickly intersected Machias Rd. This was a nice road I have not ridden prior so it was a new territory for me. Roughly 9 miles later this road took us through Snohomish and it became the Old Snohomish Monroe Rd. We followed this road into the town of Monroe, a quaint little town surrounded by farm land. We rode Main St through Monroe and turned on to hwy 203. hwy 203 is another one of my favorite back roads as it took us once again for a scenic country ride through local cattle country. It sometimes delivers a unique and sometimes pungent aroma if you know what I mean, but it sure beats riding in the city! hwy 203 soon intersected with the Snoqualmie Valley road that took us to the Snoqualmie Valley Rd. We followed this road for about 7 miles stuck behind some slower moving cars. We soon found relief as we turned off onto 112th crossing the Snoqualmie River. Once on the east site we turned right on to the carnation-Duval Rd. The carnation-Duval Rd took us another 6.5 miles and it then became the Fall City Rd leading us unto... You guessed it! Fall City. This little city/Town was busy with what was probably visitors. Folks out for a day ride or drive. From here it was all down hill back to I-90 and on to hwy 18 heading back basically the way I had taken earlier this morning to get to I-5. If you make this ride you may want to deviate a bit and stop in to view Snoqualmie Falls. If you catch the Falls during a heavy spring melt, the volume of water pouring over the Falls should be an awesome sight. Given we spent time on I-5, I was really impressed with this route. There was allot to see and some really cool back country roads.

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